Cobalt Supply Chain


Data visualization made for Resource Matters showing where the cobalt produced by certain companies ends up, to identify potential levers and pressure points, in hope that this helps improve corporate behavior on the ground.

Testimonial from Resource Matters:

We collaborated with Ilya on the development of a platform visualizing transactions along the supply chains of several cobalt-containing products. We were very satisfied with the results. After a quick introductory call, Ilya presented a mockup that ended up being pretty much the final version, while also resolving a major issue we initially had with our data. Further work involved expanding our initial data display ambitions. The back and forth was always speedy. By asking the right questions, Ilya easily understood (and helped us understand, which is more complex as we are not visualization experts) what we wanted to communicate and how to make it clearer and more user-friendly. The final product achieves a balance between being lightweight, beautiful, and self-explanatory, surpassing our expectations. We intend to continue collaborating with Ilya for future iterations of this platform and other projects. We highly recommend other companies to consider his services."